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Term And Conditions


1 Stop Elite Group is a company that has been formulated to offer various kinds of solutions to companies as well as individuals. As such, companies that come to us for help will be referred to as our client and we will be the service provider. We will carry out the work as per the needs and specifications of our client.

Customer Support

Needless to say, when you chose to opt for our services we will automatically offer you great customer support. Of course, you will have to give us sufficient time to respond to you if you contact us via email as our representative may take some time to get back to you. On the other hand, you can be sure you receive a response from us within 24 hours.


The services that 1Stop Elite Group offer are first class services as we only associate with those companies who are great at what they do and have a good reputation in the market. We will try our best to ensure that the work is carried as per your instructions. We will not do anything without asking for your permission.


Payment for the services can be made to us using nay one of the methods: credit card or Paypal. Of course, for more information about how you can make the payment, you can get in touch with us and we will let you know. Once the project has been completed, the client is responsible and required to make the complete payment for the project before the date specified by the service provider. If the payment for the work is not paid then this could lead to a legal action that will be undertaken by the service provider against the client. One the payment has been made, the project will deemed to have been finished.

Assignment time

The time taken to complete each project may vary because different projects may take different period of time. To get a fair idea about how long your project will take, it is recommended that you talk to us and we will give you a better idea about it.


It is necessary that the client is over and above the age of 18 years. We do not deal with people who are still a minor.


1 Stop Elite Group will not disclose information related to project to any one other than the company that will be attending to and carry out your project. At the same time, the client also agrees that it will not disclose any information that he/she has obtained regarding 1 Stop Elite Group to a third party. These two rules will apply unless the court of law makes it necessary to disclose information.

Project cancellation

If in any case, the project that the client has given to 1 Stop Elite Group has to be cancelled for whatever reason, the client will have to make this in writing. If the project has been canceled by the client, the money for the work done till the date of cancellation will have to be paid to 1 Stop Elite Group. The client is legally obliged to make the payment for the services offered by us till the cancellation date. Incase more than half of the work has been completed, then the client may have to pay more money for the same at the event of cancellation.


If at any point of time, the work carried out by us can not be continued because of law then the remaining contract will be valid only if it is allowed by law.

Governing Law

The law shall be governed by Singaporean Laws. Any proceeding or action undertaken by any one of the parties against the other will have to be solved in the court in Singapore.

Rights Reserved

All the rights that are not mention in this page will be reserved to 1 Stop Elite Group.

Liability for damages

Under no specific event shall 1 Stop Elite Group or its associate firms will be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect. The liability for the claim, which may be mentioned in tort, contract or any other way; made by the client will not exceed the amount of money that the client has paid to us.

Inspection and testing

The client takes the responsibility of ensuring that he will be carefully and thoroughly inspect or test the project that has been carried out. The service provider will ensure that each and every task under the project will be carried out by us in the best possible way.

Viewing Of terms and conditions

It is vital that the client have to read the terms and conditions page before he or she gives the project to the service provider. This way, any problems that may arise, will be solved easily.


The client can not force or induce the service provider to make any alterations to the project or to perform the task unofficially and outside the scope of the contract.

Privacy and security

It is unfortunate that data transmitted over the internet can not be 100% secure. We do our best top protect the data as much as we can but there is no guarantee the security of the information transmitted. Any important and vital information that is transmitted to us, such as your credit card information, is at your own risk. On the other hand, we do take actions to ensure that the information is protected as much as possible. 


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