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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Q. What is 1 Stop Elite Group?

A. 1 Stop Elite Group is a company located in Singapore that has been established for the purpose of helping companies with various kinds of services such as real estate, finance, market research, construction, renovation, IT, etc. There are so any services that we can help you with.

Q. I am looking for a company that can help me with human resource services. Are you offering this service?

A. Yes, 1 Stop Elite Group also offers human resource services. You can check out our human resource list of services for this purpose here http://www.1stopelite.com/human-resources-catalog.html

Q. I need some services for my business but can I trust you to do the best job?

A. If you are worried about the quality of the services that we offer, then you do not have to fret about this. We offer first class services to our clients and it is our motive to make sure that out clients are happy and satisfied with the services that we are offering.

Q. Do you carry out all the services by yourself or do you hire someone else for the job?

A. Irrespective of the services that you need, our associates will help you with that. We are connected with companies of different kinds in the market and as such, we are in the position to offer you wide ranging services. It is our objective to make sure that each and every company that is associated with us has a good reputation in the market so you should not have anything to worry about in this regard.

Q. I can directly look for a firm that offers the help that I need instead of choosing you. Why Should I hire you instead?

A. While it is true that you can look for a firm by yourself but the reason why we think you should hire us is because we know the market well and we also know which companies can offer great services. If you choose a company just like that then you may not know which company is good and which ones are not. You will not have to think about this when you choose us because through our connections, you will be able to find the best company available for your project.

Q. Why should I outsource my project to you?

A. There are so many reasons why you should outsource and the most important one of them all is savings. When you give your project to us, we can help you get the work done by spending as little money as possible. Furthermore, you will also be able to obtain first class services as the firm handling your project would be a specialist firm.

Q. I want to buy some real estate properties in Singapore; can you help me with this?

A. Yes, we can help you in buying real estate properties in Singapore. We specialize in real estate services so irrespective of what kind of property that you wish to buy, we can come to us as we will help you find different kinds of property. 

Q. Do you offer services in international business?

A. Yes, we do offer international business sand trade services. Just check out site and look for international business trade for more information.

Q. Does opting for your service mean that I have to spend a lot of money?

A. Of course not! There is no reason for you to think that we charge a lot of money from our clients because we do not.  The fees that we charge are not expensive at all and you will only have to compare the services offered by our competitors to find out about this. We know how important it is to offer low cost and high quality services to clients and this is the reason why you will not have nay complaints regarding our fees as well as services.

Q. Do I have to keep in touch with you all the time to check on the progress of the project?

A. You can if you want but even if you do not, we offer reports on regular intervals so as to inform you about the status of your project. We understand that you would like to know how the work is being carried out and as such, you can be sure that we will let you know about the status.

Q. How long will I have to wait for my project to be completed?

A. This will generally vary from project to project because some projects can be completed within a few days but some can take weeks. If you want to know more on this, then we would recommend that you get in touch with us.

Q. Do you offer assistance to only residents in Singapore or are your services available to individuals living in all the countries?

A. There was a time when we only offered help to Singaporeans but this has changed because we now offer our services to national as well as international clients. You can be living in any part of the world and still choose to opt for our services.

Q. How will I know if you will really offer what you promise?

A. This is something that you will not know until you try us out. However, if you have any doubts about us then let us assure you that our clients have been really happy with the solutions that we have offered to them and they are continuing choosing us and recommend other clients to us. Try us out and you will automatically know just how good and reliable we are.


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